Day 300 – Prisoner Records

Today's new thing was super interesting. I've mentioned a few times about a website called Zooniverse where you can take part in online research projects. I've helped transcribe anti-slavery letters, checked the migration of penguins, and aide in programming the A.I. for a Mars Rover amongst others. I love dipping my toe into so many… Continue reading Day 300 – Prisoner Records

Day 266 – Every Name Counts Project

One of the big things I've discovered from this year has been Zooniverse – an online platform for research projects requiring volunteers. I have done a few new things through there already including transcribing anti-slavery letters, tracking penguin numbers, and helping NASA classify pictures of Mars for their Mars Rover – a diverse and interesting… Continue reading Day 266 – Every Name Counts Project

Day 217 – Mars Rover Project

This title makes it seem like I've been doing bigger things than I have! With that being said, spending the afternoon looking at pictures of Mars was pretty cool. I've written about Zooniverse before, an online volunteering programme I've used to monitor penguin numbers, and transcribe anti-slavery letters, and think it's a fantastic resource to… Continue reading Day 217 – Mars Rover Project

Day 181 – Observing Penguins

Over the past few weeks, I have done a couple of online volunteering projects that I've found through a great website called Zooniverse. I have transcribed African American soldiers records from the civil war, proofread books, and transcribed anti-slavery letters from 1870: there's quite a diverse selection of projects. Today I decided to support a… Continue reading Day 181 – Observing Penguins