Cirque de Soleil Workout

Some of my favourite new things from last year were the circus/clown tricks I learnt to do, namely learning to juggle, making balloon animals, learning to mime, and spinning plates. This year, however, except wanting to learn to pratfall like Buster Keaton still being on my list, I've come to a circus standstill. That is… Continue reading Cirque de Soleil Workout

Day 239 – Venus Williams Workout

Tennis is one of my absolute favourite sports to watch. I look forward to Wimbledon every year and even applied for tickets for what would have been the tournament in June. I like watching tennis so much that I sat and watched all six hours of the 2008 Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal Wimbledon final… Continue reading Day 239 – Venus Williams Workout

Day 114 – Bollywood dance class

Most of my new things recently have been either about food or exercise – I guess it's important to have a balance! Today we're back with exercise, and after a trying week I needed something light and fun, so I chose to finally cross off a Bollywood dance class from my list. I was looking… Continue reading Day 114 – Bollywood dance class