Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

After my ego was bruised through my total failure to break an apple in half with my hands, I needed something to try and prove to myself that I'm not totally weak. Also, the other day I found a handy article on Mental Floss here (top secret link - don't share with your opponents!) that… Continue reading Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

Day 55 – Finger-whistling

This evening we finally used one of James's Christmas presents and went to watch the football. I've touched upon how much I enjoy watching sports here and here, but football has been my favourite so far - the atmosphere is second to none. We've seen Eintracht Frankfurt play a couple of times before and we've… Continue reading Day 55 – Finger-whistling

Day 54 – Went ice skating

Day 54 - Tried ice sakting for the first time, and, spoiler alet, didn't fall over!

Day 52 – Tried a chocolate cafe

Following on from yesterday's cupcake cafe success, I met a friend in the city and suggested we go to a cafe that I walk past all the time, but have never been in. It's always so busy, and is on the same street, just a little further down, from Iimori – a Japanese Patisserie with… Continue reading Day 52 – Tried a chocolate cafe

Day 51 – Tried a cupcake cafe

Today's new thing was not entirely unknown to me, but it was unusual for me to share it with my husband. I often visit cafes for tea and cakes with my friends, but it's very rare I go with James. Today he had a day off, so in the quest for something new I decided… Continue reading Day 51 – Tried a cupcake cafe

Day 41 – Balms and lotions

After last weeks plans to make lip balm went awry, my friend came over today and we decided to finally give it a try. When I was researching how to make the lip balms, I realised that we could also make lotion bars (a solid bar of lotion that melts into the skin, nourishing the… Continue reading Day 41 – Balms and lotions

Day 33 – Lampshade cover

A lazy, rainy Sunday is a perfect time for making something. Lucky for me, I have a whole list of new things to make, top of the list being to make a cover for the lamp I got from the flea market a few weeks ago. The lamp in case you didn't catch it. I… Continue reading Day 33 – Lampshade cover

Day 32 – Volleyball

It's sports time again! Before this challenge was conceived, my husband and I had decided to try and see all of Frankfurt's sports teams. Today's adventure took us to see the local volleyball team. Volleyball is not a sport I've ever been particularly drawn towards, but a friend had been and loved it so I… Continue reading Day 32 – Volleyball

Day 30 – Too Good To Go

In my on-going efforts to be more sustainable, one big focus for me this year is to produce less food waste. I make a meal plan and shopping list every week, use the freezer to save most things, and turn my stale bread into breadcrumbs, but I can, like many people, be guilty of finding… Continue reading Day 30 – Too Good To Go

Day 26 – Baths in the cold

Our last full day in Budapest, and after all the food and walking yesterday, we decided to have a bit more of a leisurely start to the day: visiting the famous Gellert thermal baths. I've been here before, but I was confident my mum and sister would love it and they certainly weren't disappointed. From… Continue reading Day 26 – Baths in the cold