Day 125 – Book folding

A great source of new things for me has been my parent's next-door neighbour and family friend, Hazel. I've had numerous weird and wacky suggestions from her, but also some gems that I've been looking forward to trying – today's new thing is one example of that. My mum and Hazel went for afternoon tea… Continue reading Day 125 – Book folding

Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

A while ago I saw a video of Paul Rudd breaking an apple in half with his hands and thought that looked impossible. Then I saw a Youtube video last week where somebody did the same thing and realised there were normal people all over the internet doing it and making it look easy to… Continue reading Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

Day 47 – Marmalade

The old saying goes that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, this weekend life gave me oranges, so I made marmalade. A few weeks ago I tried the Too Good To Go app, and have had nothing but good results saving food from being wasted since. Yesterday I noticed my local organic supermarket… Continue reading Day 47 – Marmalade

Day 32 – Volleyball

It's sports time again! Before this challenge was conceived, my husband and I had decided to try and see all of Frankfurt's sports teams. Today's adventure took us to see the local volleyball team. Volleyball is not a sport I've ever been particularly drawn towards, but a friend had been and loved it so I… Continue reading Day 32 – Volleyball

Day 21 – Candle making

So this was a super quick one that I'd kept in my pocket for such an occasion. When cleaning and decluttering a few weeks ago I found a load of long candles that we no longer had a holder for. So, in order to cut waste and reuse them, I decided to make one big… Continue reading Day 21 – Candle making