Day 344 – Earth View from Space

I found today's new thing accidentally whilst browsing YouTube and knew then and there that I'd be cancelling whatever else I had planned – when you see "NASA Live Stream - Earth From Space" it's hard not to click the play button! Photo by Pixabay on In a year where everything is upside down… Continue reading Day 344 – Earth View from Space

Day 325 – Radio Garden

Even at this late stage in the year, I still need a bit of inspiration for some new things. The days are getting shorter, lockdown fatigue is a real thing, and realistically (and unfortunately) I can't just simply bake away the rest of the year. I found this interesting list on Buzzfeed, which is where… Continue reading Day 325 – Radio Garden

Day 274 – Window Swap

This new thing was nowhere as strange as it sounds and was in fact a really lovely thing to do. I've mentioned before how I really miss travelling at the moment, even if it is just back to the UK to see my family, so I've been seeking ways of trying to capture a little… Continue reading Day 274 – Window Swap

Day 265 – Northern Lights

The northern lights are one of nature's wonders that seem so other-worldly there's no wonder Phillip Pullman used them to depict a parallel universe in The Northern Lights. These beautiful, magical light displays can be seen the closer to the north pole you get and are common occurrences in the most northern parts of Scandinavia,… Continue reading Day 265 – Northern Lights