Day 42 – Crochet a hat

Although my knitting has never taken off (as documented here) I really enjoy crocheting. I've made some cute amigurumi animals, colourful scarves, and most recently, a big cosy blanket for my sister as a Christmas present. So today I thought I'll crochet something I've never made before - a nice, woolly, hat. I found a… Continue reading Day 42 – Crochet a hat

Day 3 – Trousers, no hands

So I desperately need to get more organised, as today's idea is so ridiculous. But, it definitely brought a bit of fun and excitement to my day, so it ticked the boxes that day 1 and day 2 didn't. Today I was inspired by this cool dude - Yes, today, I decided to try… Continue reading Day 3 – Trousers, no hands