Day 267 – Ayurveda Basics

Ayurveda has become one of the new buzzwords in health over the past few years, and I've seen it pop up on social media, women's magazines, and TV programmes. Ayurveda, Sanskrit for the science of life, is an alternative medicine, originating in India where a large portion of the population still use its principles today.… Continue reading Day 267 – Ayurveda Basics

Day 147 – Survival skills

There's probably never a bad time to learn survival skills, but I've just finished reading Fever by Deon Meyer about the apocalyptic fall out after a deadly coronavirus takes out most of the population, and considering the world's current situation, now seemed a good time to learn how to survive without turning to Google. I… Continue reading Day 147 – Survival skills

Day 8 – Follow the signs

I have always wanted to learn sign language and came close a number of times but never quite succeeded. I'm not sure of the reason behind this, maybe it's my early love of ER and Dr Benton signing to his deaf son Reece, or maybe it's Marlee Martin being a badass in anything she's been… Continue reading Day 8 – Follow the signs