Day 209 – Geoguesser

Is anyone else starting to get the travel itch? I'm seeing people going away, sitting by the beach or eating new foods, and I have a curious case of FOMO. I desperately want to stretch my travelling legs, but I also know we're still in a global pandemic, and travel comes with many risks. So,… Continue reading Day 209 – Geoguesser

Day 27 – Austria

A day full of travel today so not many new opportunities, fortunately, I got to change trains in and travel through a country I've never been to before: Austria. Also, as discussed, I really like train travel, so today I was putting it to the test by doing my longest day-time journey - 11 hours.… Continue reading Day 27 – Austria

Day 26 – Baths in the cold

Our last full day in Budapest, and after all the food and walking yesterday, we decided to have a bit more of a leisurely start to the day: visiting the famous Gellert thermal baths. I've been here before, but I was confident my mum and sister would love it and they certainly weren't disappointed. From… Continue reading Day 26 – Baths in the cold

Day 25 – Hungarian food

I'm still in Budapest, and as I've been here before and seen the main sights, a lot of my new things are likely to be food-related. There's no denying food is a really easy way to get something ticked off my list: my travel is mainly motivated by food (actually, most of my life is),… Continue reading Day 25 – Hungarian food

Day 24 – Goulash

I didn't sleep much on the train last night - the bed was too short, and the rocking a bit too vigorous for that - but it was all worth it when I woke up in an extremely frosty Slovakia. 14 hours travelling through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia, before arriving in Hungary,… Continue reading Day 24 – Goulash

Day 23 – Strangers on a train

Today is a big one! This is more incidental than a planned thing, but it was part of a bigger adventure full of new things. Late last year I booked a trip to Budapest with my mum and sister for this weekend, planning to meet up at the airport. However, when I thought about it,… Continue reading Day 23 – Strangers on a train