Day 111 – Made Zhug

Zhug does not have the most appetising name and I'm not even 100% sure how to pronounce it, but it has been on my 'to make' list for a long time. Zhug (or zhoug) is a spicy green sauce from Yemen and is normally used over meats and vegetables. I love Middle Eastern food perhaps… Continue reading Day 111 – Made Zhug

Day 76 – Air Freshener

Since I made my (very useful) natural cleaner with leftover citrus peels, I've kept an ever-growing stash in the freezer. I like to eliminate as much food waste as I can (I also keep vegetable offcuts to make vegetable stock), but with everything going on, I was running out of space in my freezer. The… Continue reading Day 76 – Air Freshener

Day 47 – Marmalade

The old saying goes that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, this weekend life gave me oranges, so I made marmalade. A few weeks ago I tried the Too Good To Go app, and have had nothing but good results saving food from being wasted since. Yesterday I noticed my local organic supermarket… Continue reading Day 47 – Marmalade

Day 41 – Balms and lotions

After last weeks plans to make lip balm went awry, my friend came over today and we decided to finally give it a try. When I was researching how to make the lip balms, I realised that we could also make lotion bars (a solid bar of lotion that melts into the skin, nourishing the… Continue reading Day 41 – Balms and lotions

Day 33 – Lampshade cover

A lazy, rainy Sunday is a perfect time for making something. Lucky for me, I have a whole list of new things to make, top of the list being to make a cover for the lamp I got from the flea market a few weeks ago. The lamp in case you didn't catch it. I… Continue reading Day 33 – Lampshade cover

Day 31 – Natural cleaner

Yesterday I mentioned about food waste, and what I'm trying to do to reduce it in my house. It's not easy and I'm certainly no angel, but I reckon it's better to do something when I can rather than nothing at all. So today, I used my leftover citrus bits (orange rinds, squeezed lemon halves,… Continue reading Day 31 – Natural cleaner

Day 30 – Too Good To Go

In my on-going efforts to be more sustainable, one big focus for me this year is to produce less food waste. I make a meal plan and shopping list every week, use the freezer to save most things, and turn my stale bread into breadcrumbs, but I can, like many people, be guilty of finding… Continue reading Day 30 – Too Good To Go

Day 27 – Austria

A day full of travel today so not many new opportunities, fortunately, I got to change trains in and travel through a country I've never been to before: Austria. Also, as discussed, I really like train travel, so today I was putting it to the test by doing my longest day-time journey - 11 hours.… Continue reading Day 27 – Austria

Day 23 – Strangers on a train

Today is a big one! This is more incidental than a planned thing, but it was part of a bigger adventure full of new things. Late last year I booked a trip to Budapest with my mum and sister for this weekend, planning to meet up at the airport. However, when I thought about it,… Continue reading Day 23 – Strangers on a train

Day 11 – Markets

Today I thought I had done two new things: bought something from a flea market, and shopped at the farmer's market, but I've just realised I have done the first one before. Being creative types in our thirties, we, of course, have a record player, therefore I've picked up quite a few records from the… Continue reading Day 11 – Markets