American Football

I looked through my list of new things last week and realised sadly that there's a lot of sports events still to tick off. Understandably, I've not been able to get to any for at least a year, but I've been diligently trying to tick them off by finding some live and online. During 2020… Continue reading American Football

Day 357 – Darts Match

I struggled to find a new thing for today. I've been waiting on a few deliveries for big new things that would help me close the year with a bang, but due to well, everything, they've either been cancelled or not arrived. I wanted to find something bigger than the average new thing to fill… Continue reading Day 357 – Darts Match

Day 279 – Esports

I really enjoy watching live sport, with very few exceptions. Over this year I've managed to see two new-to-me events actually in-person live – which seems like a million years ago now – volleyball and ice hockey, and a handful of new sports streaming live, like baseball and handball. Today's new thing would still be a… Continue reading Day 279 – Esports

Day 261 – Handball Match

Before living in Germany I had never heard of handball. During one German lesson, a classmate mentioned it and I questioned it, honestly thinking she'd made it up. The teacher swiftly informed me that I was wrong, and it turns out the whole class knew about handball except me. I didn't think it was even… Continue reading Day 261 – Handball Match

Day 231 – Baseball game

I love watching most sports (Formula 1, golf, and snooker are absolute no-gos), and had been having a good run of watching local live games in the first two months of the year. I managed to see an ice hockey game, and a volleyball game for the first time tried to whistle with my fingers… Continue reading Day 231 – Baseball game

Day 55 – Finger-whistling

This evening we finally used one of James's Christmas presents and went to watch the football. I've touched upon how much I enjoy watching sports here and here, but football has been my favourite so far - the atmosphere is second to none. We've seen Eintracht Frankfurt play a couple of times before and we've… Continue reading Day 55 – Finger-whistling

Day 32 – Volleyball

It's sports time again! Before this challenge was conceived, my husband and I had decided to try and see all of Frankfurt's sports teams. Today's adventure took us to see the local volleyball team. Volleyball is not a sport I've ever been particularly drawn towards, but a friend had been and loved it so I… Continue reading Day 32 – Volleyball