Day 100 – Made Ounde

If only I'd planned ahead a more I would have come up with a special new thing to celebrate getting to 100 days, but with everything going on it passed me by. Instead, I made something new – the Mauiritian ounde. We spent a very happy holiday in Mauritius in 2017, and fell in love… Continue reading Day 100 – Made Ounde

Day 98 – Laughter Yoga

Let me start by saying this is as weird as it sounds. I stumbled upon laughter yoga in Frankfurt when I was searching for regular yoga classes a while back. Curious, but put off by the weirdness, I didn't give it a try. I'm happy I waited as doing a video at home was the… Continue reading Day 98 – Laughter Yoga

Day 97 – Theatre at home

Nothing will beat going to the theatre and seeing a live performance, but the National Theatre's live recordings are a close substitute. The National Theatre in London have been live-streaming a variety of productions to cinemas for years now – I remember going to see Danny Boyle's Frankenstein production in 2012. It's a fantastic way… Continue reading Day 97 – Theatre at home

Day 95 – Made my own VR Game

This is one new thing I never thought I'd be able to do! It sounds so complicated and time-intensive, and although it was hard, it was way easier than I thought. We have a Nintendo Switch, and we like playing the Labo game on it: you get a flatpack of cardboard patterns that you fold… Continue reading Day 95 – Made my own VR Game

Day 94 – Audiobook

I'm an avid, and quick, reader, and love to have a good book on the go at all times. When the city library announced it was closing due to the Coronavirus situation, meaning a very extended loan-period, I stocked up on as many books as I could: the "to-be-read" pile at home soon got a… Continue reading Day 94 – Audiobook

Day 93 – #365firsts interview

I'm quite active over on my Instagram, and through it, I've managed to find a few fellow "something new"-ers. There's a lovely lady in Scotland and one in London, doing the same challenge, and there is Ann in the US who has a greater goal: to bring the benefit of doing something new every day… Continue reading Day 93 – #365firsts interview