Day 366 – Same-day Sunrise and Sunset

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to end my challenge. For a long time I was going to simply stay out all night, something this good girl had never done, but as lockdowns became tighter and stricter, I realised I'd be likely just sat on a park bench all night. That was… Continue reading Day 366 – Same-day Sunrise and Sunset

Day 313 – Cleverbot

Today was a nice full day, spent baking and doing little household bits and bobs. I had planned to do something a bit more involved, but as is the way this week, I ran out of time. Instead, I borrowed an idea from a fellow crazy person doing something new every day on Instagram, and… Continue reading Day 313 – Cleverbot

Day 312 – Don’t Break the Ice!

Don't worry, although it's been cold in Frankfurt, it's not cold enough to have any ice to break just yet! Today's new thing was in fact a cheap board game that I picked up, called Don't Break the Ice. Full confession, I didn't intend for this to be a new thing (the game just looked… Continue reading Day 312 – Don’t Break the Ice!

Day 311 – Patterned Cake Design

A cursory glance at my blog will show that I love baking and trying anything food-related, but if you look through at some of the pictures you'll see that presentation isn't my strong suit. In my eyes, flavour over style will always, always win, but sometimes it would be nice to make something that looked… Continue reading Day 311 – Patterned Cake Design

Day 100 – Made Ounde

If only I'd planned ahead a more I would have come up with a special new thing to celebrate getting to 100 days, but with everything going on it passed me by. Instead, I made something new – the Mauiritian ounde. We spent a very happy holiday in Mauritius in 2017, and fell in love… Continue reading Day 100 – Made Ounde

Day 98 – Laughter Yoga

Let me start by saying this is as weird as it sounds. I stumbled upon laughter yoga in Frankfurt when I was searching for regular yoga classes a while back. Curious, but put off by the weirdness, I didn't give it a try. I'm happy I waited as doing a video at home was the… Continue reading Day 98 – Laughter Yoga

Day 97 – Theatre at home

Nothing will beat going to the theatre and seeing a live performance, but the National Theatre's live recordings are a close substitute. The National Theatre in London have been live-streaming a variety of productions to cinemas for years now – I remember going to see Danny Boyle's Frankenstein production in 2012. It's a fantastic way… Continue reading Day 97 – Theatre at home

Day 95 – Made my own VR Game

This is one new thing I never thought I'd be able to do! It sounds so complicated and time-intensive, and although it was hard, it was way easier than I thought. We have a Nintendo Switch, and we like playing the Labo game on it: you get a flatpack of cardboard patterns that you fold… Continue reading Day 95 – Made my own VR Game

Day 94 – Audiobook

I'm an avid, and quick, reader, and love to have a good book on the go at all times. When the city library announced it was closing due to the Coronavirus situation, meaning a very extended loan-period, I stocked up on as many books as I could: the "to-be-read" pile at home soon got a… Continue reading Day 94 – Audiobook

Day 93 – #365firsts interview

I'm quite active over on my Instagram, and through it, I've managed to find a few fellow "something new"-ers. There's a lovely lady in Scotland and one in London, doing the same challenge, and there is Ann in the US who has a greater goal: to bring the benefit of doing something new every day… Continue reading Day 93 – #365firsts interview