Day 34 – Nailed it

Today's new thing is so simple, it's hard to believe I've not done it before. During my lightbulb changing adventure a few weeks ago, I realised that I automatically default to traditional roles when working on the house: my husband has done everything up until now. As a proud feminist, this was quite a sobering… Continue reading Day 34 – Nailed it

Day 29 – Exercising on my own

So once again, I found myself with nothing organised for the day. Sound familiar? I know, it's annoying the hell out of me too. In fact, so much so that I sat down and made a plan for the week ahead, so you hopefully shouldn't have to read that sentence again. For today however, I… Continue reading Day 29 – Exercising on my own

Day 27 – Austria

A day full of travel today so not many new opportunities, fortunately, I got to change trains in and travel through a country I've never been to before: Austria. Also, as discussed, I really like train travel, so today I was putting it to the test by doing my longest day-time journey - 11 hours.… Continue reading Day 27 – Austria

Day 23 – Strangers on a train

Today is a big one! This is more incidental than a planned thing, but it was part of a bigger adventure full of new things. Late last year I booked a trip to Budapest with my mum and sister for this weekend, planning to meet up at the airport. However, when I thought about it,… Continue reading Day 23 – Strangers on a train