Day 112 – Made an Excel database

I feel I'm like a lot of people in that I remember the very basics of Excel from school, but could probably not do much more than enter very basic data. Today I decided to step up my game and learn some new things - not all my skills are food related! I found these… Continue reading Day 112 – Made an Excel database

Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

After my ego was bruised through my total failure to break an apple in half with my hands, I needed something to try and prove to myself that I'm not totally weak. Also, the other day I found a handy article on Mental Floss here (top secret link - don't share with your opponents!) that… Continue reading Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

Day 49 – Tie a tie

Today had to be a quick and easy one, as I'd spent all day on the sofa, full of cold and feeling sorry for myself. Luckily, I have a very stylish and helpful husband who could help me with today's new thing – how to tie a tie. I have actually never worn a tie,… Continue reading Day 49 – Tie a tie