Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

This was a fun and quick new thing! I've found a few different ladies through Instagram who are doing the same challenge as me, doing something new, every day. We've been taking inspiration from each other, and my new thing today comes after seeing a post on Draw a Stickman by one of my fellow… Continue reading Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

Day 85 – Made a towel animal

This was a short and sweet one that actually turned out to be more complicated than I thought! I've never been on a cruise ship, but I've been reliably informed that passengers can be treated to their towels shaped into a fancy animal, flower, or even a heart. So even though I won't be having… Continue reading Day 85 – Made a towel animal

Day 79 – Master an impression

I have a couple of terrible impressions that I can roll out if asked, including Cher, and a Robert De Niro face. In terms of mastering one though I am a long way off. So today was finally the day I thought I'd master a Kermit the Frog impression. I actually wanted to do Miss… Continue reading Day 79 – Master an impression

Day 78 – Loop de loop plane

I had no idea paper planes were able to do a loop de loop before my sister's partner challenged me to make one. I really thought he was winding me up until I curiously looked online, and there they were - hundreds of tutorials! Scrolling through Youtube I found there were a variety of different… Continue reading Day 78 – Loop de loop plane

Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

After my ego was bruised through my total failure to break an apple in half with my hands, I needed something to try and prove to myself that I'm not totally weak. Also, the other day I found a handy article on Mental Floss here (top secret link - don't share with your opponents!) that… Continue reading Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

A while ago I saw a video of Paul Rudd breaking an apple in half with his hands and thought that looked impossible. Then I saw a Youtube video last week where somebody did the same thing and realised there were normal people all over the internet doing it and making it look easy to… Continue reading Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

Day 43 – Chubby Bunny

I wonder what you're thinking today's new thing is from that title. If you're anything like me, you won't have a clue what Chubby Bunny means. It was only when my lovely friend Amy suggested it for my list that I became aware of this silly and fun game. A game where you challenge each… Continue reading Day 43 – Chubby Bunny

Day 12 – Record breaker?

A fun one today! I was uncharacteristically organised and actually planned to do this one as it was simple, and I didn't have to leave the house on one of my sacred lazy Sundays. Today, I wanted to be a world record breaker! I think for everyone there's a bit of allure to being a… Continue reading Day 12 – Record breaker?