DIY Indian Head Massage

I was never the type to go to spas or for massages regularly, but as soon as something's taken away it becomes all the more attractive. I long for a little bit of pampering at someone else's hands: a facial, massage or even just a trip to a sauna would see me right. Alas, I… Continue reading DIY Indian Head Massage

Day 234 – DIY Body Scrub

Back in the early days of this year, I had a great afternoon with a friend making some homemade lotion bars and lip balms. My intention was to gift some of these to people for birthdays and celebrations, but sadly they're still stockpiled in my cupboard. Instead, I've been using them myself, along with homemade… Continue reading Day 234 – DIY Body Scrub

Day 183 – DIY Reflexology

Yesterday I was tired and out of sorts. A string of sleepless nights had finally caught up with me, and my focus was purely on putting one foot in front of another to get me closer to bedtime. My planned new thing of learning some basic philosophy was definitely not going to cut it, instead,… Continue reading Day 183 – DIY Reflexology

Day 133 – At-home yoga and meditation retreat

Yoga is one of my favourite forms of exercise: energetic sun salutations are my quick morning wake-me-up, meditative yin yoga on my slower days. I can't do any of the really hard yoga poses, but that's not what I do it for: there's something very comforting about moving my body in sync with my breath,… Continue reading Day 133 – At-home yoga and meditation retreat

Day 107 – Yoghurt face mask

I had two new options for today, both with the same name: homemade face mask. In Germany, it has now been recommended that we wear a facemask outside and whilst shopping, so I intended to try and hand sew one. Unfortunately, it's taking a little longer than I expected and I haven't yet finished it.… Continue reading Day 107 – Yoghurt face mask

Day 92 – Qi Gong

I've been trying to keep moving as much as possible whilst being stuck indoors at the moment. I manage to run 3 times a week, and as I mentioned here, I've been doing a lot of online classes live-streamed by the local fitness centre. After increasing my running distance this week, I have a little… Continue reading Day 92 – Qi Gong