Day 292 – Lava Lamp

I had a lava lamp as a teenager and I thought it was the best thing ever. I have no idea why I loved this 70s staple, or why they were even still selling them, but I felt so deeply cool for having one in my bedroom! Today, I sadly don't have a lava lamp… Continue reading Day 292 – Lava Lamp

Day 276 – Scared Pepper Experiment

Today had been a long and tiring day where I didn't have enough time to complete my planned new thing. No worries, I have a long list to choose from right? Well, if you include things like "swim in the Pacific", or "be in two countries at once" then sure, but I'm running pretty low… Continue reading Day 276 – Scared Pepper Experiment

Day 118 – Made a bouncy egg

This isn't magic, and I haven't finally lost it - I used actual science to make an egg bounce. Whilst researching new things to do at home, I stumbled across a video that contained some cool science experiments to do with kids (just the right level) and picked out the bouncy egg as it seemed… Continue reading Day 118 – Made a bouncy egg