Day 351 – Speed Reading

I'm an avid reader, and I always like to think of myself as a quick one – if I like a book I can devour it in seemingly no time at all, but I've always been curious if I can go faster. Today's new thing is a little similar to the speed typing test I… Continue reading Day 351 – Speed Reading

Day 160 – Proofreading

Buoyed by my online volunteering success last week, I decided to look for further volunteering work. I found a whole host of different opportunities, some I've bookmarked for the future, but today Project Gutenberg caught my eye. Project Gutenberg is an initiative where volunteers digitise old books where the copyright has expired and turned them… Continue reading Day 160 – Proofreading

Day 94 – Audiobook

I'm an avid, and quick, reader, and love to have a good book on the go at all times. When the city library announced it was closing due to the Coronavirus situation, meaning a very extended loan-period, I stocked up on as many books as I could: the "to-be-read" pile at home soon got a… Continue reading Day 94 – Audiobook