Day 245 – Word search

Today's new thing was a super quick and easy one. I used to love doing word searches in my Grandparent's puzzle books. I'd sometimes treat them like a magic eye, relax my eyes, and see what words jumped out at me. Today I decided to try and create my own. I found a website aptly… Continue reading Day 245 – Word search

Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Normally I am quite well organised with my new things, I usually plan out two weeks at a time, and rearrange as and when spontaneous things come up, but today, I don’t know what happened - it was the closest I’d come to not completing anything new at all. I had a full and busy… Continue reading Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Day 113 – Recreated a childhood photo

I wasn't feeling so good today, mainly due to overtiredness, but I really did not feel like doing a new thing for the first time in this challenge. Stuck without anything planned, and without the will to do it anyway, my mum managed to save me by sending a photo from my childhood at the… Continue reading Day 113 – Recreated a childhood photo

Day 49 – Tie a tie

Today had to be a quick and easy one, as I'd spent all day on the sofa, full of cold and feeling sorry for myself. Luckily, I have a very stylish and helpful husband who could help me with today's new thing – how to tie a tie. I have actually never worn a tie,… Continue reading Day 49 – Tie a tie

Day 9 – Swan serviette

A busy, busy, day and a friend's surplus of serviettes led me to this creative endeavour. With little time to do much on my list, I had to improvise to whatever was available within my friend's four walls. Thankfully, she had tried to offload some of her excess serviettes on me earlier in the evening,… Continue reading Day 9 – Swan serviette

Day 6 – Easy peel

Ok, they can't all be life changing – today I peeled an orange in one piece. A reenactmentBefore After. Peel not pictured. This was simple and satisfying and over in seconds. I wish there was more that I could say!