Hardest Puzzle on the Internet

Puzzles are great, aren't they? I love getting stuck into any sort of puzzle, trying to use logic to decipher the right answer. I got very into Picross last year after trying it as a new thing, and I had great fun trying an Escape Room at home, but now I wanted to stretch my… Continue reading Hardest Puzzle on the Internet

Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

My husband has been on holiday from work which has been lovely, we've put up the tree, organised cupboards and planned our Christmas food, but before he goes back to work (from home) we thought it would be nice to do a fun new thing together. I picked up an escape room jigsaw from a… Continue reading Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

Day 308 – Bletchley Park Crossword

I feel like I'm one of those people that knows a little about a lot, this year has certainly helped support that theory giving me tidbits of information each day from morse code to reiki, philosophy to Chelsea Buns. I fair pretty well in pub quizzes and don't mind mulling away on the odd crossword… Continue reading Day 308 – Bletchley Park Crossword

Day 245 – Word search

Today's new thing was a super quick and easy one. I used to love doing word searches in my Grandparent's puzzle books. I'd sometimes treat them like a magic eye, relax my eyes, and see what words jumped out at me. Today I decided to try and create my own. I found a website aptly… Continue reading Day 245 – Word search

Day 84 – Rubik’s cube

After it became clear the spread of the Coronavirus was going to start affecting day-to-day life I got a few things that would enable me to continue doing new things inside. Thankfully, today was the first day that I've had to break one out. Actually, if I have the same experience with them as I… Continue reading Day 84 – Rubik’s cube