Day 324 – Card Throwing

Today's new thing was a bit of a change of pace after yesterday's relaxing watercolour flowers: today I tried to learn the art of card throwing. Photo by Nick Rtr on Card throwing has been used by magicians for hundreds of years in a few different ways, including the longest throw, the most accurate,… Continue reading Day 324 – Card Throwing

Day 182 – Pen Spinning

When I think of pen spinning I think of a bored student in a maths lesson, or a worker stuck in a long, dry, meeting: a mindless activity the same as clicking a pen, or doodling in a notebook. I, therefore naively, thought that twirling a pen would be an easy and simple task that… Continue reading Day 182 – Pen Spinning

Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Normally I am quite well organised with my new things, I usually plan out two weeks at a time, and rearrange as and when spontaneous things come up, but today, I don’t know what happened - it was the closest I’d come to not completing anything new at all. I had a full and busy… Continue reading Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Day 146 – Balloon animals

A few months ago I looked up going to clown school. I had a friend who had done it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, and I thought it would be a great new thing to do. I gave up on the idea mainly because I didn't think my German clown jokes… Continue reading Day 146 – Balloon animals

Day 135 – Tried to open bottle with piece of paper

I get a lot of inspiration from YouTuber Mike Boyd, a mad Scotsman who tries to learn loads of random new skills, so when I saw he could easily open a beer bottle with a piece of paper I thought it was a cool new party trick to learn. It looked so easy that I… Continue reading Day 135 – Tried to open bottle with piece of paper

Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

After my ego was bruised through my total failure to break an apple in half with my hands, I needed something to try and prove to myself that I'm not totally weak. Also, the other day I found a handy article on Mental Floss here (top secret link - don't share with your opponents!) that… Continue reading Day 69 – Dominated at arm wrestling

Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

A while ago I saw a video of Paul Rudd breaking an apple in half with his hands and thought that looked impossible. Then I saw a Youtube video last week where somebody did the same thing and realised there were normal people all over the internet doing it and making it look easy to… Continue reading Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

Day 59 – Learnt the alphabet backwards

This fun one has been on my list for a while, and after what seems like one of the longest weeks on record, I wanted a quick, silly one to finish the week on a high. I have to admit, there is no great reasoning behind this one – I don't drive, so it's never… Continue reading Day 59 – Learnt the alphabet backwards