Day 323 – Watercolour Flowers

I've tried painting different things for a couple of my new thing challenges, but it's fair to say it's not a strong suit of mine. Of all the things I've done, the Bob Ross tutorial, where we painted our happy little clouds with watercolours, was my favourite. I loved the softness and adaptability of the… Continue reading Day 323 – Watercolour Flowers

Day 228 – Art Exhibition

I have done a few arty new things so far this year – I painted a picture, created a dog sculpture, and even painted a picture with my feet – today I exceeded all of them and took part in an art exhibition. A Hannah original. Unfortunately, it wasn't to showcase my world-class art –… Continue reading Day 228 – Art Exhibition

Day 159 – Painted a picture with my feet

Let me start by saying there will be no pictures of feet on this post, just in case you landed here through some strange combination of search terms, or are just a bit squeamish about feet like me. This challenge was given to me by my sister on 1st January 2020, a time that seems… Continue reading Day 159 – Painted a picture with my feet

Day 103 – Bob Ross Tutorial

Bob Ross and his program, The Joy of Painting have been a part of pop culture since the 80s. His bushy hair and calm tones whilst gently instructing the audience how to create his "happy little trees" have become iconic, instantly recognisable and easily parodied. My personal favourite Although I'd never actually seen a… Continue reading Day 103 – Bob Ross Tutorial

Day 53 – Self-portrait

Day 53 - I attempted to paint a self-portrait, and it got deep.

Day 40 – Painting

I was surprised to love doing today's challenge. I would usually describe myself as creative, but when I look at the creative things I can do well, such as crochet or baking, I'm nearly always following instructions of some kind. I've already learned during this challenge that I can go off-book and create something to… Continue reading Day 40 – Painting