Day 197 – Randonautica

Randonautica advertises itself as the first "choose your own adventure reality game". The app generates a random location close to you so that you can discover somewhere new in your neighbourhood, but, here's the twist, it might not be random at all. You see, before providing a location, the app asks you to set an… Continue reading Day 197 – Randonautica

Day 46 – Self-driving bus

Today was one of those fantastic days where life led me to a totally unplanned and unexpected new thing, one I would never have tried outside of this challenge. The St├Ądel Museum in Frankfurt is a beautiful old building with one of the biggest and best collections of art in Germany. Since last year it… Continue reading Day 46 – Self-driving bus

Day 39 – Early riser

Today's new thing was over by 7:15am. Getting it done so early was actually quite confusing, and I was left a few times throughout the day with the feeling that I still had to complete something. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm looking after my friend's dog Sascha this week. So as she is an early… Continue reading Day 39 – Early riser