Day 267 – Ayurveda Basics

Ayurveda has become one of the new buzzwords in health over the past few years, and I've seen it pop up on social media, women's magazines, and TV programmes. Ayurveda, Sanskrit for the science of life, is an alternative medicine, originating in India where a large portion of the population still use its principles today.… Continue reading Day 267 – Ayurveda Basics

Day 157 – Yoga Nidra class

I have tried a few different home yoga styles over the past few weeks, including some weird and wacky ones. I love a good yoga flow, but my favourite is the more meditative yin yoga style, where you hold a pose for minutes at a time. Today I've gone one further and tried yoga nidra:… Continue reading Day 157 – Yoga Nidra class

Day 96 – Yin Yoga class

I've been doing Yin yoga on YouTube for the past few years, trying a few different videos, but always coming back to Yoga With Kassandra. She has a great series for beginners and is amongst one of the few yoga YouTubers who don't talk all through the quiet parts. This is very important in a… Continue reading Day 96 – Yin Yoga class