Day 272 – Did Nothing for 2 Minutes

Life is busy at the moment. As well as my normal day-to-day tasks, I'm also looking after my friend's dog Sascha, and trying to study for a German test too, not to mention find something new to try each day – it's a lot. Today was particularly busy and it was getting late on the… Continue reading Day 272 – Did Nothing for 2 Minutes

Day 271 – Picross Puzzle

There's something so satisfying about completing a puzzle, whether it's sudoku, crosswords, word-searches or something else – it's always nice to see that your grey cells are still working. As a mindful activity, I'd take a selection of crosswords over an adult colouring book any day. I took a book of puzzles on my long… Continue reading Day 271 – Picross Puzzle

Day 270 – Homemade Dog Treats

I currently have my friend's dog Sascha (yes, the famous Sascha of this post and this) stopping with me. She's a border collie and ridiculously cute, but also a little monkey who requires a lot of attention. Sometimes I have to say no and I feel like the worst dog-lover, so today I decided to… Continue reading Day 270 – Homemade Dog Treats

Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

This was a fun and quick new thing! I've found a few different ladies through Instagram who are doing the same challenge as me, doing something new, every day. We've been taking inspiration from each other, and my new thing today comes after seeing a post on Draw a Stickman by one of my fellow… Continue reading Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

Day 257 – DIY Straws

I'm always on the search for new things, especially as the year goes on and I seem to have already baked through half of my list. On a recent trip to a department store, poking out of a clearance section, I found something that looked really fun and a bit weird making it a perfect… Continue reading Day 257 – DIY Straws

Day 252 – Watched Star Trek

Following on from yesterday where I dipped my toe into one nerd culture by learning Elvish, today I decided to celebrate Star Trek Day (the anniversary of the first time the show aired in 1966) by finally watching an episode. My husband has been trying to get me to watch Star Trek for years –… Continue reading Day 252 – Watched Star Trek

Day 251 – Learned Elvish

Over the course of my challenge, I have learned phrases in a few different languages. I've picked up the basics in the British and Irish languages, learned how to count to ten in Japanese, and found it out how to say hello in some endangered languages. Today, I'm going to dabble in a made-up language… Continue reading Day 251 – Learned Elvish

Day 249 – Homemade Gyoza

It was just yesterday when I was writing about my recent Japanese culinary adventures. The truth is, I'm relatively new to Japanese food beyond the standard sushi or teriyaki chicken. Frankfurt has a lot of really good Japanese restaurants, and last year I travelled to Düsseldorf, specifically to visit the large Japanese area and many… Continue reading Day 249 – Homemade Gyoza

Day 248 – Kakigori

Looking at the some of the food posts from the last month or so, it really looks like I've been on a bit of a Japanese food kick. From mochi, to okonomiyaki, I've been reaching out and trying some new things from a style of food that I already love. Today, I tried something else… Continue reading Day 248 – Kakigori

Day 246 – Pregnancy Photoshoot

Let me start by saying, I was the one taking the pictures, not the pregnant one! When one of my closest Frankfurt friends revealed to me during lockdown that she was pregnant, I just wanted to give her the biggest of big hugs possible. Unfortunately, as she lives on one side of the city, and… Continue reading Day 246 – Pregnancy Photoshoot