Day 293 – Speed Card Game

In my mind card games belong to childhood holidays with my grandparents. A time with no TV, no internet, no distractions. In the last 20 years I've admittedly played very few card games aside from poker, but today I was feeling full of cold and very sorry for myself and wanted the easy fun of… Continue reading Day 293 – Speed Card Game

Day 292 – Lava Lamp

I had a lava lamp as a teenager and I thought it was the best thing ever. I have no idea why I loved this 70s staple, or why they were even still selling them, but I felt so deeply cool for having one in my bedroom! Today, I sadly don't have a lava lamp… Continue reading Day 292 – Lava Lamp

Day 289 – Comping

I would wager nearly all of us have entered a competition at one time or another. Whether the prizes are small or big, it doesn't matter – sometimes it's the thrill of the 'what if?' that drives us. I entered a competition on Instagram to enter a cookbook this morning, and it sparked a memory.… Continue reading Day 289 – Comping

Day 288 – Welsh Cakes

This week has suddenly become a lot colder, and all at once am I thankful that I was only borrowing my friend's dog. She's now gone home so I get to stay in my nice warm bed in the mornings, instead of grumpily trudging out the door with an excited pup. The cold weather does… Continue reading Day 288 – Welsh Cakes

Day 287 – Body Language

Cast your mind back to the early 2000s. Big Brother was the program to watch during the summer, in the UK anyway, and it kick-started a whole new wave of celebrity culture. Sometimes, whilst we were avidly glued to our screens, watching these 12 strangers locked into a house together, a body-language expert would pop… Continue reading Day 287 – Body Language

Day 286 – Got Hypnotised

Laughter yoga? Done. Mukbang videos? You betcha. Screamed in Iceland? Virtually been there and got the t-shirt. Consider today's new thing a new entry in the "Hannah does something weird" series as I tried to be hypnotised. Photo by MK Hamilton on Unsplash I was always very sceptical about hypnotism. I didn't believe one person… Continue reading Day 286 – Got Hypnotised

Day 283 – Mukbang

Today was one long day of German tests, so my brain was in no way ready to do anything that required thinking as a new thing. On the search for a new sport, or something new to watch, I ended up in the weird world of mukbang videos. Mukbang originated in South Korea, where… Continue reading Day 283 – Mukbang

Day 281 – Hieroglyphics

Over the past year, I've learned phrases from a few different languages, including Irish, Japanese, and Elvish. Today I was reaching back in time to try my hand at an Ancient language style, and looked at some hieroglyphics. Photo by Lady Escabia on Hieroglyphics are one of the earliest forms of writing style, using… Continue reading Day 281 – Hieroglyphics

Day 279 – Esports

I really enjoy watching live sport, with very few exceptions. Over this year I've managed to see two new-to-me events actually in-person live – which seems like a million years ago now – volleyball and ice hockey, and a handful of new sports streaming live, like baseball and handball. Today's new thing would still be a… Continue reading Day 279 – Esports

Day 275 – Moon Cake

As I was strolling the aisles of the Asian Supermarket last week, I noticed multiple versions of a little, beautifully decorated dessert. They were everywhere. Big, small, and different flavours. I'd never seen them before so I did a little research and discovered they were moon cakes, a Chinese pastry filled with a sweet, red… Continue reading Day 275 – Moon Cake