Day 354 – At Home Escape Room

I love solving puzzles: I love reading mystery novels, I love doing picross, I love watching crime dramas on TV – escape rooms are a chance for me to play detective in "real life". I haven't done many, but the few I have, I've done with family and had the best time – one of my… Continue reading Day 354 – At Home Escape Room

Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

My husband has been on holiday from work which has been lovely, we've put up the tree, organised cupboards and planned our Christmas food, but before he goes back to work (from home) we thought it would be nice to do a fun new thing together. I picked up an escape room jigsaw from a… Continue reading Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

Day 298 – Recreated Film Posters

The months where the whole world stopped and stayed inside forced people to be creative with what they had at home. What really stays in my mind form this time was the Getty Art Museum challenge, where people would recreate famous pieces of art using household items – it's something I took part in and… Continue reading Day 298 – Recreated Film Posters

Day 285 – Archery

I've always wanted to try my hand at archery. It's a sport I have no interest in watching, but I always think it would be fun to try. I'm purely basing this on my experience of using a bow and arrow in video games – Wii Sports Resort, any Zelda game – but I also… Continue reading Day 285 – Archery

Day 194 – Nine Men’s Morris

A while ago I picked up a cheap wooden chess-set in order to learn how to play. It was the type of set that you could turn into a few different games like draughts, snakes and ladders, and ludo – games I'd played before numerous times. It also included an unrecognisable board for a game… Continue reading Day 194 – Nine Men’s Morris

Day 3 – Trousers, no hands

Ok, I know today's idea seems a bit ridiculous, but bear with me, it definitely brought a bit of fun and excitement to my day. That's already an improvement on days 1 and 2! Today I was inspired by this cool dude - Yes, today, I decided to try putting my trousers on without… Continue reading Day 3 – Trousers, no hands