Molecular Mixology

Ok, now we're mixing things up! Dry January is behind us, another four weeks of lockdown (at least) are in front of us, it's definitely time to start experimenting with alcohol to create something new. I have to be honest, molecular gastronomy (think Heston Blumenthal) has never appealed to me. I can appreciate it from… Continue reading Molecular Mixology

Jane Fonda Workout

We're experiencing a very cold snap here in Frankfurt at the moment. Whilst last week we had lovely 9C days, it's suddenly jumped to -10 with a windchill of -17. Just a little different! It does normally get cold in the winter, but in my nearly 9 years of living here, I've not experienced such… Continue reading Jane Fonda Workout

Best of the Year

It's been a long year and I've just finished my challenge of doing something new every day. There's been some good, some bad, and some I never want to do again (here's looking at you, Rubik's cube) but I've had fun exploring new areas and discovering interesting things. I wanted to look back and sum… Continue reading Best of the Year

Day 346 – Wushu

I long for the days when I could drop in and try a new exercise class, as I did in January and February with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I've tried no end of new ones online this year, but it would be so lovely to have that in-person experience, especially for the ones that… Continue reading Day 346 – Wushu

Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

My husband has been on holiday from work which has been lovely, we've put up the tree, organised cupboards and planned our Christmas food, but before he goes back to work (from home) we thought it would be nice to do a fun new thing together. I picked up an escape room jigsaw from a… Continue reading Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

Day 326 – Silent Disco

I miss dancing. Frankfurt is a great place to live as we have dozens of festivals all throughout the year, my favourite being the huge the Museumsuferfest – a three-day affair running up and down both sides of the river Main in Frankfurt with hundreds of food stalls, and different live music and DJs. My… Continue reading Day 326 – Silent Disco

Day 325 – Radio Garden

Even at this late stage in the year, I still need a bit of inspiration for some new things. The days are getting shorter, lockdown fatigue is a real thing, and realistically (and unfortunately) I can't just simply bake away the rest of the year. I found this interesting list on Buzzfeed, which is where… Continue reading Day 325 – Radio Garden

Day 324 – Card Throwing

Today's new thing was a bit of a change of pace after yesterday's relaxing watercolour flowers: today I tried to learn the art of card throwing. Photo by Nick Rtr on Card throwing has been used by magicians for hundreds of years in a few different ways, including the longest throw, the most accurate,… Continue reading Day 324 – Card Throwing

Day 319 – Chocolate Entremet

Today's new thing is one I've been looking forward to and imagining since the summer. I'd been saving the last bake from Volume 1 of my baking course with Puff the Bakery until I had a special occasion, but now I'm well on my way in Volume 2 of the course, I need to know… Continue reading Day 319 – Chocolate Entremet

Day 316 – Pyramid Solitaire

Today was one of those days that flow by and it's dinner time before you know it. I couldn't remember what new thing I'd planned for today, but I was hoping it would be a nice and easy one. Luckily for me, I'd planned to play a solo card game, specifically pyramid solitaire. Photo by… Continue reading Day 316 – Pyramid Solitaire