Day 284 – Wine Tasting

Oh boy, have I been looking forward to this new thing. After a busy couple of weeks, and a long German test yesterday, I was absolutely ready to kick back and relax with a glass or two of wine. I would have loved to have gone to the Rhine region near us in Frankfurt and… Continue reading Day 284 – Wine Tasting

Day 265 – Northern Lights

The northern lights are one of nature's wonders that seem so other-worldly there's no wonder Phillip Pullman used them to depict a parallel universe in The Northern Lights. These beautiful, magical light displays can be seen the closer to the north pole you get and are common occurrences in the most northern parts of Scandinavia,… Continue reading Day 265 – Northern Lights

Day 225 – Joined a Film Club

Despite being a huge film fan, it's been months since I've done anything film-related as a new thing – it was way back in April when I did my at home film festival. I love watching films at-home, but even though cinemas have opened up here in Germany, I'm still not quite ready to go… Continue reading Day 225 – Joined a Film Club