Best of the Year

It's been a long year and I've just finished my challenge of doing something new every day. There's been some good, some bad, and some I never want to do again (here's looking at you, Rubik's cube) but I've had fun exploring new areas and discovering interesting things. I wanted to look back and sum… Continue reading Best of the Year

Day 338 – Listed Something On eBay

Most people feel the urge to organise once the new year rolls around, but these past few weeks my husband and I have managed to go through all of our junk drawers and have a good clean out. I've no idea how we accumulate so much stuff! As with any home organising there needs to… Continue reading Day 338 – Listed Something On eBay

Day 313 – Cleverbot

Today was a nice full day, spent baking and doing little household bits and bobs. I had planned to do something a bit more involved, but as is the way this week, I ran out of time. Instead, I borrowed an idea from a fellow crazy person doing something new every day on Instagram, and… Continue reading Day 313 – Cleverbot

Day 204 – Saw a comet

You may have seen blurry pictures of stars popping up on social media over the past few weeks, I know I have, well it seems people have been out spotting a comet, Neowise. Not wanting to miss out, I decided to find out what this comet business was all about. During July, comet Neowise is… Continue reading Day 204 – Saw a comet

Day 199 – Say yes to everything

If ever there was a new thing that sums up my challenge, this would be it. I've been doing a new thing every day for well over half a year now, and although it's been tough during a global pandemic, I've still managed. I think a big part of this is that I'm increasingly becoming… Continue reading Day 199 – Say yes to everything

Day 179 – Played Mikado

I'd only heard of Mikado in relation to long thin biscuit sticks, coated in chocolate, based on the Japanese Pocky – I'd no idea it was a game until I came upon a cheap set in a local shop. Intrigued, I decided to pick it up and try it out for today's new thing. I… Continue reading Day 179 – Played Mikado

Day 172 – Folded a t-shirt in 2 seconds

This could be the quickest new thing I've done so far! I saw a video a while ago showing somebody doing this and it looked so cool. I took one of my husband's t-shirts and gave it a go. The first time I ended up a bit tangled up, but after that I had… Continue reading Day 172 – Folded a t-shirt in 2 seconds

Day 158 – Eiffel Tower model

It's fair to say that I am not always a patient person. Patient in public maybe, but when I'm trying to learn something I can get easily frustrated. I've experienced this with many of my new things already, especially the Rubik's cube attempt a few months ago: it's not something I'm hugely proud of, but… Continue reading Day 158 – Eiffel Tower model

Day 157 – Yoga Nidra class

I have tried a few different home yoga styles over the past few weeks, including some weird and wacky ones. I love a good yoga flow, but my favourite is the more meditative yin yoga style, where you hold a pose for minutes at a time. Today I've gone one further and tried yoga nidra:… Continue reading Day 157 – Yoga Nidra class