Day 353 – Insect Pasta

There's a childhood song about worms that we used to sing in school, and it was one I recently remembered when my nephew started singing it too. It goes something like, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm going to eat some wo-oorms..." Well I'm pretty sure I have people who like me, but today… Continue reading Day 353 – Insect Pasta

Day 348 – Made Crumpets

Oh, this year has been a long one, hasn't it? It's nearly been a full year since I was back home in the UK and I'm really starting to miss it. Of course I miss my family most of all, but it's also the little home comforts from my home country that come with any… Continue reading Day 348 – Made Crumpets

Day 283 – Mukbang

Today was one long day of German tests, so my brain was in no way ready to do anything that required thinking as a new thing. On the search for a new sport, or something new to watch, I ended up in the weird world of mukbang videos. Mukbang originated in South Korea, where… Continue reading Day 283 – Mukbang

Day 218 – 24 hour Fast

After weeks of Puff the Bakery school baking I was starting to feel the effects of the increased butter and sugar in my diet. I realised I needed to give my body a bit of a break, and so, whilst the weather is too hot to have the oven on, I'm going to have a… Continue reading Day 218 – 24 hour Fast

Day 195 – Matchstick Crafts

I started the day intending to make a sculpture out of matchsticks. I ended the day with a tangled mess of matchsticks and glue, not quite sure what I'd created. I'd noted matchstick sculpture on my to-do list at the beginning of the year, but looking back on it now I'm not sure what I'd… Continue reading Day 195 – Matchstick Crafts

Day 139 – Gave someone a haircut

I'm certain I'm not the only one who's been roped into doing this lately. To be fair I've had it on my list for a while, but I was envisioning more of a quick trim, rather than a complete restyle. Here in Germany, the hairdressers have reopened, but as there's no waiting allowed appointments are… Continue reading Day 139 – Gave someone a haircut

Day 91 – Played Minecraft

Today I needed something relatively easy and a bit lazy: I'd slept poorly and had a busy day, my concentration was not at its highest. So, I decided to give playing Animal Crossing a break and tried a new-to-me game instead – Minecraft. Fortunately, we could download it for free thanks to the Xbox Game… Continue reading Day 91 – Played Minecraft

Day 32 – Volleyball

It's sports time again! Before this challenge was conceived, my husband and I had decided to try and see all of Frankfurt's sports teams. Today's adventure took us to see the local volleyball team. Volleyball is not a sport I've ever been particularly drawn towards, but a friend had been and loved it so I… Continue reading Day 32 – Volleyball

Day 22 – Podcast

I have resisted listening to a podcast for so long, even though many people I like, love them. I find no joy in the thought of listening to people talk for an hour: it's like the worst part of radio. However, I had a busy day preparing for a big new thing tomorrow, and little… Continue reading Day 22 – Podcast

Day 13 – Bookmark

I have always wanted to knit but never had the patience. It must feel amazing to be able to whip up a jumper or a pair of socks. I have tried to crack this wooly nut for a while. I honestly was making James a scarf for two years and it never got any longer,… Continue reading Day 13 – Bookmark