Day 253 – Air Freshener Part 2

Doing something new every day seems such a simple concept, and then along the way you build all these rules. One main one has been for my new things to be absolutely different, no variations on the same theme. Confession time - making an air freshener is something I've actually done before as part of… Continue reading Day 253 – Air Freshener Part 2

Day 76 – Air Freshener

Since I made my (very useful) natural cleaner with leftover citrus peels, I've kept an ever-growing stash in the freezer. I like to eliminate as much food waste as I can (I also keep vegetable offcuts to make vegetable stock), but with everything going on, I was running out of space in my freezer. The… Continue reading Day 76 – Air Freshener

Day 70 – Salt Cave

My friends sometimes like to throw left-field suggestions at me, like my rat photoshoot, or playing Chubby Bunny – visiting a salt cave was certainly one such suggestion. I'd never heard of one, and I really couldn't picture it. Thankfully we live in a time where Google can fill in the gaps, and I soon… Continue reading Day 70 – Salt Cave

Day 41 – Balms and lotions

After last weeks plans to make lip balm went awry, my friend came over today and we decided to finally give it a try. When I was researching how to make the lip balms, I realised that we could also make lotion bars (a solid bar of lotion that melts into the skin, nourishing the… Continue reading Day 41 – Balms and lotions