Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics

A self-defence class is something that I would have loved to have done in normal times but never had the confidence to go. Ironically, thanks to my year of new things I now have the confidence, but there are no classes allowed to run. Today, I decided to try and attempt what I could at… Continue reading Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics

Day 346 – Wushu

I long for the days when I could drop in and try a new exercise class, as I did in January and February with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I've tried no end of new ones online this year, but it would be so lovely to have that in-person experience, especially for the ones that… Continue reading Day 346 – Wushu

Day 168 – Ninjutsu

Every year in Frankfurt there is a fantastic Japanese film festival called the Nippon Connection. As well as showing interesting films from Japan, the programme is always jam-packed with various exhibitions, classes, and concerts all on different aspects of Japanese culture. This year, the festival was entirely online, and although I didn't catch any films,… Continue reading Day 168 – Ninjutsu