Hardest Puzzle on the Internet

Puzzles are great, aren't they? I love getting stuck into any sort of puzzle, trying to use logic to decipher the right answer. I got very into Picross last year after trying it as a new thing, and I had great fun trying an Escape Room at home, but now I wanted to stretch my… Continue reading Hardest Puzzle on the Internet

Day 271 – Picross Puzzle

There's something so satisfying about completing a puzzle, whether it's sudoku, crosswords, word-searches or something else – it's always nice to see that your grey cells are still working. As a mindful activity, I'd take a selection of crosswords over an adult colouring book any day. I took a book of puzzles on my long… Continue reading Day 271 – Picross Puzzle

Day 84 – Rubik’s cube

After it became clear the spread of the Coronavirus was going to start affecting day-to-day life I got a few things that would enable me to continue doing new things inside. Thankfully, today was the first day that I've had to break one out. Actually, if I have the same experience with them as I… Continue reading Day 84 – Rubik’s cube