American Football

I looked through my list of new things last week and realised sadly that there's a lot of sports events still to tick off. Understandably, I've not been able to get to any for at least a year, but I've been diligently trying to tick them off by finding some live and online. During 2020… Continue reading American Football

Day 344 – Earth View from Space

I found today's new thing accidentally whilst browsing YouTube and knew then and there that I'd be cancelling whatever else I had planned – when you see "NASA Live Stream - Earth From Space" it's hard not to click the play button! Photo by Pixabay on In a year where everything is upside down… Continue reading Day 344 – Earth View from Space

Day 136 – Macbeth at The Globe

Every British child studies Shakespeare at school. Whether it's one of his plays, or a whole bunch, nearly all of us in the UK have a passing knowledge of at least one Shakespeare play. I vividly remember studying Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, and A Midsummer Night's Dream at school, but the… Continue reading Day 136 – Macbeth at The Globe

Day 126 – Camping at home

My husband is on holiday this week as we were meant to be visiting family back in England. Although it became clear a while ago that wasn't going to happen, he kept his holiday from work all the same. As we can't go anywhere, we decided to have a break regardless and go our… Continue reading Day 126 – Camping at home