Flea Market Love Letters

OK, it's high time I admit to something - I'm a bit of a secret softy. I love an old romantic tale, and go a bit wobbly when I see old people holding hands. I love seeing people's big romantic gestures, and hearing about lives well-lived, together: it's one thing to see and read about… Continue reading Flea Market Love Letters

Day 108 – Handwritten texts

Today I intended to finish sewing a facemask, so my new thing needed to be quite low maintenance. Thanks to a great tip-off, I found the idea to handwrite all my texts in a list from Gumroad. At first, it was quite fun, a bit like sending notes in class, but it soon became quite… Continue reading Day 108 – Handwritten texts

Day 44 – Ein wichtiger Brief

A few new things ago I wrote a letter to a sick child using Post Pals, and I mentioned my post mad nephew. I've written to him a few times over his four years, but none recently, and none in German. My nephew doesn't know any German, neither does my sister or her partner, so… Continue reading Day 44 – Ein wichtiger Brief