Day 306 – Borodinsky Bread

I've been excited about today for quite some time, as it meant I might finally be able to crack the sourdough game. I first made a woeful looking thing way back in May, and I've been periodically trying ever since to get a decent loaf. It's been so frustrating as I'm fairly good at making… Continue reading Day 306 – Borodinsky Bread

Day 190 – Philosophy Basics

So today's new thing was a pretty big one, but one I've been looking forward to. I was interested in learning some philosophical arguments and theories, and learning how to look at the world differently. For such a big topic I needed somebody to break it down for me, and so I found a great… Continue reading Day 190 – Philosophy Basics

Day 173 – Paper Helicopter

Today's new thing is yet another from the James Dyson Foundation challenge cards I discovered a few months ago. Whilst these are aimed at children, I've had great fun making and learning about spaghetti bridges, paper water balloons, and weather balloons, so I was looking forward to today's task - making a paper helicopter. I've… Continue reading Day 173 – Paper Helicopter

Day 156 – Made a weather balloon

The James Dyson Foundation science and engineering challenge for kids has provided me with no end of inspiration. I don't have kids but it doesn't matter, the challenges such as the spaghetti bridge, or the paper water bombs have been a fun and different way of getting me to use my brain. Today I thought… Continue reading Day 156 – Made a weather balloon

Day 147 – Survival skills

There's probably never a bad time to learn survival skills, but I've just finished reading Fever by Deon Meyer about the apocalyptic fall out after a deadly coronavirus takes out most of the population, and considering the world's current situation, now seemed a good time to learn how to survive without turning to Google. I… Continue reading Day 147 – Survival skills

Day 117 – Learnt about Reiki

I wouldn't normally consider myself cynical or a sceptic: I think homoeopathy has it's place, I am aware of the different chakras, and I have ventured into the weirder side of yoga, but learning about Reiki really challenged my comfort levels. I didn't know too much about Reiki, just the basics - practitioners place their… Continue reading Day 117 – Learnt about Reiki

Day 73 – Japanese numbers

After some early hiccups, I'm normally very organised with my new things, but with this week's chaos bringing new worries, it wasn't until 9pm that I realised I hadn't done anything yet! I scanned through my list for something quick and relatively simple and found a suggestion by a friend to learn how to count… Continue reading Day 73 – Japanese numbers

Day 48 – Learned to juggle

I had an absolute blast learning to juggle. After making my juggling bean bags the other day I was ready and raring to get going, hoping that I could run away and join circus by the end of the day. My juggling bean bags, full of dried beans. Ok, so I was maybe a bit… Continue reading Day 48 – Learned to juggle

Day 37 – Poetry

Today's new thing came about as a very last-minute way to save the day. I was intending on making lip balms with a friend, but unfortunately, she had to cancel due to being rushed to the hospital. The lengths some people go to to get out of doing something! I'm joking of course, and my… Continue reading Day 37 – Poetry

Day 8 – Follow the signs

I have always wanted to learn sign language and came close a number of times but never quite succeeded. I'm not sure of the reason behind this, maybe it's my early love of ER and Dr Benton signing to his deaf son Reece, or maybe it's Marlee Martin being a badass in anything she's been… Continue reading Day 8 – Follow the signs