Art History Course

Like most people, I'm getting a little weary about the endless lockdowns at the moment. I still miss the big picture things like family, friends, and travelling, but I'm really starting to miss the simpler things like spending the afternoon squirrelled away in a cinema or a museum too. Thankfully, a lot of museums have… Continue reading Art History Course

Day 216 – Food Photography

If you've been following along with me, you've probably noticed the increase in food posts over the past month or so. That's because I've been learning how to make some amazing and delicious foods such as lemon meringue pie and galette des rois on a pastry course run by the fantastic Puff the Bakery. Naturally,… Continue reading Day 216 – Food Photography

Day 201 – Morse Code

Today's new thing was something I'd been putting off for a while, but I was surprised by how satisfying it was to learn it. Invented by Samuel Morse in 1844, morse code has been used to quickly communicate messages over a long distance by pilots, armies, and radio enthusiasts. The dot-dash system means it can… Continue reading Day 201 – Morse Code

Day 191 – Cloud Spotting

I was lazing in the sun, catching up with a friend, when we both started looking up at the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky and started seeing shapes. She spotted a train, I saw a lobster: our own personal Rorschach test. This idle cloud gazing is something I've done since I was a… Continue reading Day 191 – Cloud Spotting

Day 150 – Babka and Challah

This is a really close contender for my favourite new thing so far. If you've been following for a while you know I love making bread, and you also might be aware that I'm a big fan of Bread Ahead Bakery – a London based bakery who have been offering daily tutorials on their Instagram… Continue reading Day 150 – Babka and Challah

Day 148 – Pitman Shorthand

Let me start by saying I didn't know shorthand was still a thing. I honestly thought it went out in the 1980s, with the rise of the computer and more modern technology, so I was surprised to learn that it's still commonly used in some careers. A stenographer must transcribe interviews, meetings, or court hearings,… Continue reading Day 148 – Pitman Shorthand

Day 147 – Survival skills

There's probably never a bad time to learn survival skills, but I've just finished reading Fever by Deon Meyer about the apocalyptic fall out after a deadly coronavirus takes out most of the population, and considering the world's current situation, now seemed a good time to learn how to survive without turning to Google. I… Continue reading Day 147 – Survival skills

Day 8 – Follow the signs

I have always wanted to learn sign language and came close a number of times but never quite succeeded. I'm not sure of the reason behind this, maybe it's my early love of ER and Dr Benton signing to his deaf son Reece, or maybe it's Marlee Martin being a badass in anything she's been… Continue reading Day 8 – Follow the signs