Day 281 – Hieroglyphics

Over the past year, I've learned phrases from a few different languages, including Irish, Japanese, and Elvish. Today I was reaching back in time to try my hand at an Ancient language style, and looked at some hieroglyphics. Photo by Lady Escabia on Hieroglyphics are one of the earliest forms of writing style, using… Continue reading Day 281 – Hieroglyphics

Day 50 – Chinese characters

Like yesterday, I'm still full of cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Wanting to stick to the challenge I needed something quick and easy to do, so I looked through my list and saw that my good friend Vikki had suggested learning how to write a word in Chinese. Perfect! I chose the… Continue reading Day 50 – Chinese characters

Day 44 – Ein wichtiger Brief

A few new things ago I wrote a letter to a sick child using Post Pals, and I mentioned my post mad nephew. I've written to him a few times over his four years, but none recently, and none in German. My nephew doesn't know any German, neither does my sister or her partner, so… Continue reading Day 44 – Ein wichtiger Brief