Day 251 – Learned Elvish

Over the course of my challenge, I have learned phrases in a few different languages. I've picked up the basics in the British and Irish languages, learned how to count to ten in Japanese, and found it out how to say hello in some endangered languages. Today, I'm going to dabble in a made-up language… Continue reading Day 251 – Learned Elvish

Day 174 – Endangered Languages

This week I was shocked to read that one of the 7000 languages in the world becomes extinct every two weeks. Every two weeks! Languages aren't spreading like they used to, whether regionally due to climate change, or generationally due to the increase in more widely spoken languages such as Spanish, English, or Chinese. UNESCO… Continue reading Day 174 – Endangered Languages

Day 149 – British and Irish languages

The English language is so ubiquitous in the UK that I sometimes forget that it's not the only national language. Living in Germany, it's easy to think of the surrounding countries having mainly (hello Austrian and Swiss German) different languages, but living in England, the borders get a bit muddled. Yes, the main language in… Continue reading Day 149 – British and Irish languages

Day 73 – Japanese numbers

After some early hiccups, I'm normally very organised with my new things, but with this week's chaos bringing new worries, it wasn't until 9pm that I realised I hadn't done anything yet! I scanned through my list for something quick and relatively simple and found a suggestion by a friend to learn how to count… Continue reading Day 73 – Japanese numbers