Day 356 – Panforte

Only ten more days to go!! I wish I had a few more exciting things planned for the end of the year, but one way or another the pandemic has put a stop to that. Never mind, one thing that will always be exciting to me is making some new food, and today I turned… Continue reading Day 356 – Panforte

Day 299 – Burrata

I could quite easily have filled this year of new things with new foods to try or bake. There's so much out there that I'd like to try, it makes things a little too easy! My plan at the beginning of the year was to go to new foods as a last resort, but as… Continue reading Day 299 – Burrata

Day 238 – Biscotti

I've had biscotti on my 'to-make' list for a while. These crunchy Italian biscuits go perfectly with a hot cup of tea and are sometimes given as gifts at Christmas. So what better time to make them than the middle of summer! Actually, after another brief flirtation with 30C+ degree days last week, our August… Continue reading Day 238 – Biscotti