Day 222 – Mechanical Crossbow

This sounds more sinister than it is, don't worry. I know I've learned some survival skills, but I'm not making my own weapons just yet. I picked up this kit in a post-quarantine shopping haze, and put it away until I had the time to start building it. Today's sticky, scorching, 38C provided the perfect… Continue reading Day 222 – Mechanical Crossbow

Day 158 – Eiffel Tower model

It's fair to say that I am not always a patient person. Patient in public maybe, but when I'm trying to learn something I can get easily frustrated. I've experienced this with many of my new things already, especially the Rubik's cube attempt a few months ago: it's not something I'm hugely proud of, but… Continue reading Day 158 – Eiffel Tower model

Day 146 – Balloon animals

A few months ago I looked up going to clown school. I had a friend who had done it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, and I thought it would be a great new thing to do. I gave up on the idea mainly because I didn't think my German clown jokes… Continue reading Day 146 – Balloon animals

Day 144 – Jazz dance class

I'm on a dancing roll! After enjoying my voguing class with Dance Exchange yesterday so much, I decided to move some new things around and join them again today for a jazz dance class. I was a little less sure of what to expect from this one: visions of Cabaret and All That Jazz filled… Continue reading Day 144 – Jazz dance class

Day 114 – Bollywood dance class

Most of my new things recently have been either about food or exercise – I guess it's important to have a balance! Today we're back with exercise, and after a trying week I needed something light and fun, so I chose to finally cross off a Bollywood dance class from my list. I was looking… Continue reading Day 114 – Bollywood dance class

Day 105 – Ballet class

This is something I know I've done as a young child, but I've been curious to try a class as an adult for a long time. I am not a dancer, I have no rhythm or grace, or anything else associated with ballet, but I thought it would be really fun to try. After a… Continue reading Day 105 – Ballet class

Day 104 – At-home film festival

We often face that Friday or Saturday night dilemma of what to watch: scrolling through Netflix or our DVD cabinet until it's too late to watch a film anyway. Often we're in the mood for different things: I studied film at university and have a tendency to chose more classics or art-house films, and James… Continue reading Day 104 – At-home film festival

Day 103 – Bob Ross Tutorial

Bob Ross and his program, The Joy of Painting have been a part of pop culture since the 80s. His bushy hair and calm tones whilst gently instructing the audience how to create his "happy little trees" have become iconic, instantly recognisable and easily parodied. My personal favourite Although I'd never actually seen a… Continue reading Day 103 – Bob Ross Tutorial