Day 83 – Made chocolate orange cake

Every time I go back to the UK I return with a Terry's Chocolate Orange: that obviously won't be happening for a while, so I was left a bit stuck when a craving hit today. With nothing new planned, and a desire to comfort bake, I turned to my saviour Nigella's How To Be A… Continue reading Day 83 – Made chocolate orange cake

Day 53 – Self-portrait

Day 53 - I attempted to paint a self-portrait, and it got deep.

Day 48 – Learned to juggle

I had an absolute blast learning to juggle. After making my juggling bean bags the other day I was ready and raring to get going, hoping that I could run away and join circus by the end of the day. My juggling bean bags, full of dried beans. Ok, so I was maybe a bit… Continue reading Day 48 – Learned to juggle

Day 45 – Made juggling balls

This one is at simple as it sounds. I have "learn juggling" on my list and really want to try it, but I don't own any juggling balls. What I do have, however, is a drawer full of random sewing supplies - including a pack full of fabric squares. An idea was forming... So, on… Continue reading Day 45 – Made juggling balls

Day 42 – Crochet a hat

Although my knitting has never taken off (as documented here) I really enjoy crocheting. I've made some cute amigurumi animals, colourful scarves, and most recently, a big cosy blanket for my sister as a Christmas present. So today I thought I'll crochet something I've never made before - a nice, woolly, hat. I found a… Continue reading Day 42 – Crochet a hat

Day 41 – Balms and lotions

After last weeks plans to make lip balm went awry, my friend came over today and we decided to finally give it a try. When I was researching how to make the lip balms, I realised that we could also make lotion bars (a solid bar of lotion that melts into the skin, nourishing the… Continue reading Day 41 – Balms and lotions

Day 35 – Cross-stitch

I didn't plan on doing cross-stitch today, I had decided on writing a letter (which I'll now do tomorrow). However, in preparation for another new thing later in the week, I had to visit the craft shop to pick up one thing. This was impossible! Everything in there looks like a good opportunity to try… Continue reading Day 35 – Cross-stitch

Day 34 – Nailed it

Today's new thing is so simple, it's hard to believe I've not done it before. During my lightbulb changing adventure a few weeks ago, I realised that I automatically default to traditional roles when working on the house: my husband has done everything up until now. As a proud feminist, this was quite a sobering… Continue reading Day 34 – Nailed it

Day 33 – Lampshade cover

A lazy, rainy Sunday is a perfect time for making something. Lucky for me, I have a whole list of new things to make, top of the list being to make a cover for the lamp I got from the flea market a few weeks ago. The lamp in case you didn't catch it. I… Continue reading Day 33 – Lampshade cover

Day 31 – Natural cleaner

Yesterday I mentioned about food waste, and what I'm trying to do to reduce it in my house. It's not easy and I'm certainly no angel, but I reckon it's better to do something when I can rather than nothing at all. So today, I used my leftover citrus bits (orange rinds, squeezed lemon halves,… Continue reading Day 31 – Natural cleaner