Molecular Mixology

Ok, now we're mixing things up! Dry January is behind us, another four weeks of lockdown (at least) are in front of us, it's definitely time to start experimenting with alcohol to create something new. I have to be honest, molecular gastronomy (think Heston Blumenthal) has never appealed to me. I can appreciate it from… Continue reading Molecular Mixology

Day 227 – Grow my own gin (kind of)

On my last few trips to the UK (way back in December) I realised quite how popular gin had become over there. Every bar I went in had an exhaustive selection of gins, there was a gin bar in my small hometown, and all of my friends and family had their own favourite bottle. I… Continue reading Day 227 – Grow my own gin (kind of)

Day 67 – Created my own cocktail

It's no secret I like a cocktail: I wrote here about how I like a Martini, here about my favourite, a Manhattan, and after trying a Pisco Sour (during my Peruvian restaurant adventure) earlier in the week, I rushed out and bought a bottle of Pisco so I could recreate it at home. This week… Continue reading Day 67 – Created my own cocktail