Day 364 – Tried to DJ

I've tried my hand at a few musical new things over the year from learning to play the otamatone and kalimba, to trying to recreate a song using my own beatbox sounds. One thing I've always fancied trying my hand at though is DJing, and I figured with New Year's Eve right around the corner… Continue reading Day 364 – Tried to DJ

Day 113 – Recreated a childhood photo

I wasn't feeling so good today, mainly due to overtiredness, but I really did not feel like doing a new thing for the first time in this challenge. Stuck without anything planned, and without the will to do it anyway, my mum managed to save me by sending a photo from my childhood at the… Continue reading Day 113 – Recreated a childhood photo

Day 85 – Made a towel animal

This was a short and sweet one that actually turned out to be more complicated than I thought! I've never been on a cruise ship, but I've been reliably informed that passengers can be treated to their towels shaped into a fancy animal, flower, or even a heart. So even though I won't be having… Continue reading Day 85 – Made a towel animal

Day 81 – Hip Hop dance class

This is something I've never done but always wanted to. I'm a hip hop fan and love a dance, so it seems like a perfect fit! I was looking for more ways to stay active whilst social distancing and came upon a Hip Hop workout class. Ok, so not a true Hip Hop class, but… Continue reading Day 81 – Hip Hop dance class

Day 79 – Master an impression

I have a couple of terrible impressions that I can roll out if asked, including Cher, and a Robert De Niro face. In terms of mastering one though I am a long way off. So today was finally the day I thought I'd master a Kermit the Frog impression. I actually wanted to do Miss… Continue reading Day 79 – Master an impression

Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

A while ago I saw a video of Paul Rudd breaking an apple in half with his hands and thought that looked impossible. Then I saw a Youtube video last week where somebody did the same thing and realised there were normal people all over the internet doing it and making it look easy to… Continue reading Day 66 – Tried to break an apple in half with my hands

Day 50 – Chinese characters

Like yesterday, I'm still full of cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Wanting to stick to the challenge I needed something quick and easy to do, so I looked through my list and saw that my good friend Vikki had suggested learning how to write a word in Chinese. Perfect! I chose the… Continue reading Day 50 – Chinese characters

Day 49 – Tie a tie

Today had to be a quick and easy one, as I'd spent all day on the sofa, full of cold and feeling sorry for myself. Luckily, I have a very stylish and helpful husband who could help me with today's new thing – how to tie a tie. I have actually never worn a tie,… Continue reading Day 49 – Tie a tie

Day 46 – Self-driving bus

Today was one of those fantastic days where life led me to a totally unplanned and unexpected new thing, one I would never have tried outside of this challenge. The Städel Museum in Frankfurt is a beautiful old building with one of the biggest and best collections of art in Germany. Since last year it… Continue reading Day 46 – Self-driving bus

Day 39 – Early riser

Today's new thing was over by 7:15am. Getting it done so early was actually quite confusing, and I was left a few times throughout the day with the feeling that I still had to complete something. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm looking after my friend's dog Sascha this week. So as she is an early… Continue reading Day 39 – Early riser