Day 175 – Pressed flowers

I normally favour plants over flowers in my home, but it's hard to resist a beautiful bouquet of fragrant blooms now and again. Last week I picked up a bunch of pink peonies that not only brightened up my house and made it smell heavenly, but a little smile on my face every time I… Continue reading Day 175 – Pressed flowers

Day 124 – Origami flower

I've tried origami a few times over the years - I've managed to make a crane and even a dinosaur, but there's been a common theme each time. Whereas others find it a mindful and meditative activity, I get incredibly stressed out and abusive towards the instructor. For some reason, I thought making an origami… Continue reading Day 124 – Origami flower

Day 65 – Sent some flowers just because

I don't buy flowers for myself often; I usually prefer plants. I do, however, love the way flowers can brighten up a room and my mood. Last year my sister sent me a bouquet as a birthday surprise, and it was so lovely. The flowers were totally unexpected, and it made the present even more… Continue reading Day 65 – Sent some flowers just because