Day 298 – Recreated Film Posters

The months where the whole world stopped and stayed inside forced people to be creative with what they had at home. What really stays in my mind form this time was the Getty Art Museum challenge, where people would recreate famous pieces of art using household items – it's something I took part in and… Continue reading Day 298 – Recreated Film Posters

Day 247 – Bollywood Film

I love nothing more than sitting down with some freshly baked goods, a cup of tea, and watching a new (to me) film. I joined an online film club last month and have managed to see a few new films through that, but I love spending a little time each week reading and researching new… Continue reading Day 247 – Bollywood Film

Day 225 – Joined a Film Club

Despite being a huge film fan, it's been months since I've done anything film-related as a new thing – it was way back in April when I did my at home film festival. I love watching films at-home, but even though cinemas have opened up here in Germany, I'm still not quite ready to go… Continue reading Day 225 – Joined a Film Club

Day 104 – At-home film festival

We often face that Friday or Saturday night dilemma of what to watch: scrolling through Netflix or our DVD cabinet until it's too late to watch a film anyway. Often we're in the mood for different things: I studied film at university and have a tendency to chose more classics or art-house films, and James… Continue reading Day 104 – At-home film festival