Jane Fonda Workout

We're experiencing a very cold snap here in Frankfurt at the moment. Whilst last week we had lovely 9C days, it's suddenly jumped to -10 with a windchill of -17. Just a little different! It does normally get cold in the winter, but in my nearly 9 years of living here, I've not experienced such… Continue reading Jane Fonda Workout

Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics

A self-defence class is something that I would have loved to have done in normal times but never had the confidence to go. Ironically, thanks to my year of new things I now have the confidence, but there are no classes allowed to run. Today, I decided to try and attempt what I could at… Continue reading Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics

Day 81 – Hip Hop dance class

This is something I've never done but always wanted to. I'm a hip hop fan and love a dance, so it seems like a perfect fit! I was looking for more ways to stay active whilst social distancing and came upon a Hip Hop workout class. Ok, so not a true Hip Hop class, but… Continue reading Day 81 – Hip Hop dance class