It's hard to be sustainable all the time. I'm always conscious of reducing my food waste (one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted every year), I prefer travelling by train (when travelling was a thing I could do), and I take care of and love the clothes I have rather than keep… Continue reading Upcycling

Day 181 – Observing Penguins

Over the past few weeks, I have done a couple of online volunteering projects that I've found through a great website called Zooniverse. I have transcribed African American soldiers records from the civil war, proofread books, and transcribed anti-slavery letters from 1870: there's quite a diverse selection of projects. Today I decided to support a… Continue reading Day 181 – Observing Penguins

Day 31 – Natural cleaner

Yesterday I mentioned about food waste, and what I'm trying to do to reduce it in my house. It's not easy and I'm certainly no angel, but I reckon it's better to do something when I can rather than nothing at all. So today, I used my leftover citrus bits (orange rinds, squeezed lemon halves,… Continue reading Day 31 – Natural cleaner

Day 30 – Too Good To Go

In my on-going efforts to be more sustainable, one big focus for me this year is to produce less food waste. I make a meal plan and shopping list every week, use the freezer to save most things, and turn my stale bread into breadcrumbs, but I can, like many people, be guilty of finding… Continue reading Day 30 – Too Good To Go

Day 23 – Strangers on a train

Today is a big one! This is more incidental than a planned thing, but it was part of a bigger adventure full of new things. Late last year I booked a trip to Budapest with my mum and sister for this weekend, planning to meet up at the airport. However, when I thought about it,… Continue reading Day 23 – Strangers on a train