Day 222 – Mechanical Crossbow

This sounds more sinister than it is, don't worry. I know I've learned some survival skills, but I'm not making my own weapons just yet. I picked up this kit in a post-quarantine shopping haze, and put it away until I had the time to start building it. Today's sticky, scorching, 38C provided the perfect… Continue reading Day 222 – Mechanical Crossbow

Day 156 – Made a weather balloon

The James Dyson Foundation science and engineering challenge for kids has provided me with no end of inspiration. I don't have kids but it doesn't matter, the challenges such as the spaghetti bridge, or the paper water bombs have been a fun and different way of getting me to use my brain. Today I thought… Continue reading Day 156 – Made a weather balloon

Day 131 – Spaghetti bridge

I subscribe to food writer Anna Jones's newsletter as I love her recipes (I made her rhubarb and ginger cookies a few days ago), but for the past few weeks her newsletter has been renamed, "Goodness when we need it most". She compiles a list of nice things happening at the moment, whether it be… Continue reading Day 131 – Spaghetti bridge