Day 72 – Onigiri, Lamian, and Soju

If you know what all of those things are, you'll know I've had a bit of a culinary tour around Asia today! I had a lovely evening planned - first a trip to the Palmengarten to view an orchid exhibition, and then a walk through Frankfurt to view different light exhibitions at the Luminale. Unfortunately… Continue reading Day 72 – Onigiri, Lamian, and Soju

Day 7 – Manhattan (sort of)

My all-time favourite drink is a Manhattan, and I've never made myself one shamefully. After coming back from the UK with a bottle of real Kentucky bourbon courtesy of my brother-in-law (thanks Phil and Becca!) I decided the time was right. Now I know Manhattans are normally made with rye rather than bourbon, but I'm… Continue reading Day 7 – Manhattan (sort of)

Day 4 – Martini with a twist

Ok, I know this is a simple one, but I really enjoyed this. So I love a vodka martini. So dry, so cool, so easy to make. I normally forego the traditional olive for a lemon slice, but today I decided to zhush it up a bit with a lemon twist, and yes, I had… Continue reading Day 4 – Martini with a twist