Day 270 – Homemade Dog Treats

I currently have my friend's dog Sascha (yes, the famous Sascha of this post and this) stopping with me. She's a border collie and ridiculously cute, but also a little monkey who requires a lot of attention. Sometimes I have to say no and I feel like the worst dog-lover, so today I decided to… Continue reading Day 270 – Homemade Dog Treats

Day 85 – Made a towel animal

This was a short and sweet one that actually turned out to be more complicated than I thought! I've never been on a cruise ship, but I've been reliably informed that passengers can be treated to their towels shaped into a fancy animal, flower, or even a heart. So even though I won't be having… Continue reading Day 85 – Made a towel animal

Day 40 – Painting

I was surprised to love doing today's challenge. I would usually describe myself as creative, but when I look at the creative things I can do well, such as crochet or baking, I'm nearly always following instructions of some kind. I've already learned during this challenge that I can go off-book and create something to… Continue reading Day 40 – Painting

Day 39 – Early riser

Today's new thing was over by 7:15am. Getting it done so early was actually quite confusing, and I was left a few times throughout the day with the feeling that I still had to complete something. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm looking after my friend's dog Sascha this week. So as she is an early… Continue reading Day 39 – Early riser

Day 38 – High-fived a cat

Today was a very animal heavy day – something I'm always pleased to say. In the evening my good dog friend Sascha arrived, ready for her week's stay at my house. That also entailed doing some new things, such as cleaning her teeth, which it's fair to say she was not a willing participant in,… Continue reading Day 38 – High-fived a cat